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Various study procedures

Various study procedures are used for solution of problems of identification of properties, features and prediction of manufactured products life. It includes evaluation of materials mechanical properties, their thermal cycle life, heat resistance, etc. Fractographic analysis is used for identification of the causes of products failure during testing or operation. There are the methods of selection and optimization of filler and braze materials for GTE components complex repair.

Peening depth evaluation (microbead peening) of blades root by the method of microhardness measuring with the use of “Micro-Duromat 4000E” automatic microhardness tester.

Measurement of GTE product materials hardness with the use of TSH-2M hardness tester by Brinell hardness test method.

Thermal cycle testing in air

Development of the method for complex repair production steps selection, evaluation and optimization of materials for GTE components repair: systems of solder and filler materials for the specific types of products made of various alloys.

The method of structural, fractional, chemical analyses of as-received powders (ceramic, metal, etc.) to determine their conformance to production process requirements.

The method for identification of the causes of GTE components failure during testing or operation by fractographic and structural analysis of sample/product fractures.


Products and Services

  • Thermal Barrier Airfoil Coating
  • Repair of Aero and IGT parts
  • Development and Manufacturing of EB PVD Equipment
  • Research and Development of New EB PVD Technologies
  • Manufacturing of Ceramic and Metallic Ingots


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