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Equipment and devices

The laboratory is equipped with product sectioning and mount preparation closed loop line (of STRUERS company production) that makes it possible to quickly prepare source material (mounts) for the further metallographic studies.

Main equipment for metallographic sample preparation at MCL

Powermet I cut-off machinePowermet I cut-off machine
It is used for cutting of ingots, samples, plates and parts sectioning. Segments of samples and products are used for the further preparation of microsections and templates – for XRF analysis to determine chemical analysis conformity.

Labopress-3 automatic mounting pressLabopress-3 automatic mounting press
The press is used for hot mounting of segments and samples in acrylic and phenolic resin to produce high quality dense mounts with good edge retention. The laboratory also uses cold filling of samples in epoxy resin.

Abroplan automatic grinderAbroplan automatic grinder
The machine is used for making high quality microsections in automatic mode. The use of holders and devices for alignment and location of the mounts in the holders makes it possible to obtain the distinct horizontal plane of the mounts containing materials of different hardness (e.g., layers, coatings).


Products and Services

  • Thermal Barrier Airfoil Coating
  • Repair of Aero and IGT parts
  • Development and Manufacturing of EB PVD Equipment
  • Research and Development of New EB PVD Technologies
  • Manufacturing of Ceramic and Metallic Ingots


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