Procedures, analytics, equipment

For the purpose to maintain the main trends of the company development, namely provision of the output quality and timely satisfaction of Customer requirements, analytical metallographic examination is required. Availability of the modern materials control laboratory directly integrated in the engineering process, equipment and devices used for non-destructive and destructive testing along with the highly skilled staff allows LLC “Paton Turbine Technologies” to maintain and improve reliable production of high quality products.

Materials control laboratory (MCL) has been certified as per LCS (Laboratory Control at Source) system. The laboratory performs non-destructive and destructive testing of products on modern equipment and devices using professionalism of the certified and experienced personnel. The main trends of activities are: incoming, in-process and outgoing quality control of manufactured products, analysis and control of stability and reliability of engineering process.


Products and Services

  • Thermal Barrier Airfoil Coating
  • Repair of Aero and IGT parts
  • Development and Manufacturing of EB PVD Equipment
  • Research and Development of New EB PVD Technologies
  • Manufacturing of Ceramic and Metallic Ingots


PolicyEnvironment, Health & Safety Policy