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Repair of GTE components

When in operation turbine hot section components are exposed to corrosion, erosion and thermal fatigue failure under conditions of cyclic temperature changes, centrifugal loads and impact of gas turbine fuel combustion products. For the purpose to extend the life of such components, first of all, for vanes and blades made of expensive nickel superalloys, repair technologies including build-up and high-temperature brazing are used.

LLC “Paton Turbine Technologies” deals with development and implementation of aviation and land-based GTE components repair since 2001. Long-term practical experience in the field of GTE components refurbishment and level of workforce training, application of high-tech processes and unique specialized equipment, high quality standards and efficient management system allow us to maximize satisfaction of customer requirements both from the point of view of the quality of repair and economic efficiency (time-frame, scope, price). At present, the company offers complete range of repair operations including deposition of heat-resistant MeCrAlY and thermal barrier (ТВС) ZrO2-7%Y2O3 coatings with the use of electron beam technology.


Products and Services

  • Thermal Barrier Airfoil Coating
  • Repair of Aero and IGT parts
  • Development and Manufacturing of EB PVD Equipment
  • Research and Development of New EB PVD Technologies
  • Manufacturing of Ceramic and Metallic Ingots


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