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Title of equipment:


Equipment application:

The coater is designed for commercial physical vapor deposition (evaporation and condensation under vacuum) of materials that provide reliable protection of high pressure turbine parts of gas turbine engines for aircraft, terrestrial and marine application against high-temperature corrosion/oxidation under conditions of intense heat variation in the ambience of fuel combustion materials.

Equipment layout*:

The coater design (complete set) five (5) process chambers, two (2) part feeding mechanisms is presented below. Specifications including cell infrastructure requirements (power supply, water, compressed air) are presented in the table below.

* - for the purpose to prepare construction project for location of the coater and rough vacuum pumps at the customer facility, detailed plan of the premises should be provided by the customer within the terms specified in the Agreement/Contract for equipment supply. Feasible options of the project caused by basement premises availability.

Availability of hoisting machines at the cell of equipment location (crane or beam crane) is MANDATORY!

Exterior view of similar equipment at the specialized facility:

PWP150 Coater - Front view PWP150 Coater - Rear view
Front view Rear view

Applicability of this offer:

More detailed offer for participation in a tender/bidding will be provided upon a customer request (preparation time - 5 working days).

Main specifications of the equipment:

CEBC for ceramic coating deposition (complete set).

1 Maximum fixture size (cylindrical cassette), length (mm) x diameter (mm) 600 x 400
Annual output rate at two-shift operation (6 days working week) - about 5000 working hours per year; ceramic coating deposition on HPT blades of PS-90A engine 60 000
2 Number of evaporators (crucibles), pcs. 4
3 Internal diameter of evaporator (Crucible internal diameter), mm 70
4 Travel of part feeding mechanism, mm 800
5 Adjustment of ingot feeding rate, mm/min 0,2-40
6 Transverse velocity of part feeding shaft, mm/sec 0-84
7 Rotating velocity of part feeding shaft, rpm 0-40
8 Distance from the axis of part feeding shaft to the upper plane of crucibles, mm 300
9 * Number of electron-beam guns, pcs. 4
10 * Electron-beam gun power, kW 60
11 Accelerating voltage, kV 20
12 Operating pressure, mm Hg (Pa), within the range of
1) In the preheating chamber, rated 1x10-4 (1,3x10-2)
2) In the loadlock chamber, max. up to 1x10-1 (13)
3) In the process chamber (reactive gas injection up to 800 sccm is feasible), max. up to 2x10-3 (0,3)
4) In gun cathode area, rated 4x10-4 (0,05)
13 Water pressure in the system, Pa (kg/cm2), within the range of 3x105...4x105 (3...4)
14 Water consumption at 20oC, m3/hour 35-40
15 Compressed air pressure, Pa (kg/cm2), within the range of 4x105...6x105(4...6)
16 Compressed air consumption at 4x105 Pa, m3/hour 4
17 Overall dimensions of the coater, length/width/height, mm 16246/11131/5670
18 Coater weight, t (ton) 30
19 Control system type (PLC), recommended Allen Bradley (USA)
20 Vacuum system ** Manufacturer:
Mechanical pumps (rough vacuum), quantity (min) - 3 pcs. Stokes (USA)
Diffusion pumps (high vacuum), quantity (min) - 5 pcs. Varian (USA)
Vacuum gate valves/valves - quantity (min) - 9 pcs. GNB (USA)
Small gate valves of +butterfly; type, quantity (min) - 11 pcs. Varian/GNB
Cryogenic pump - 1 piece Polycold (USA)
21 High voltage power supply, manufacturer: Ukraine, USA or Russia


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