”Paton Turbine Technology” Operating system

Our competitive advantage can be provided only by high quality and low costs. Our method of work - United Technologies Corporation Operating system referred to as Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE). The Operating system has three maturity levels: “Bronze”, “Silver” and “Gold”.

During long-term cooperation with “Pratt & Whitney” “Silver” level in АСЕ system of UTC corporation was granted to our company.

The Operating system provides for mitigation of all types of costs and elimination of wastes, efficient execution of office and production operations, putting things in order at all production areas and workplaces, continuous control of results with provision of high quality of products and services. All this allows to reduce drastically production lead time, greatly improve the work efficiency and achieve competitive excellence offering products and services with optimal price – quality ratio to customers. At the same time, the main object of interest is the workplace, because production process takes place there.

Setup of lean production at our company means constant and everyday efforts on search, identification and resolving production issues, elimination of defects and wastes with participation of the entire company team. Thus ALL rather than only the most important and complex problems will be resolved. The Operating system tools are used on a daily basis in all types of the company activities for quality improvement and value stream optimization for customer.


Products and Services

  • Thermal Barrier Airfoil Coating
  • Repair of Aero and IGT parts
  • Development and Manufacturing of EB PVD Equipment
  • Research and Development of New EB PVD Technologies
  • Manufacturing of Ceramic and Metallic Ingots


PolicyEnvironment, Health & Safety Policy